Walmart employee claims he was forced to spend 7-hour shift in bathroom

Wal-Mart Employee Claims He Was Forced To Spend Entire Shift In Bathroom
Wal-Mart Employee Claims He Was Forced To Spend Entire Shift In Bathroom

A Walmart employee in Louisiana says he was forced to spend his entire shift -- lasting 7 hours -- inside a store bathroom, Fox43 reports. According to KSLA, Roger Digilormo, 59, has worked at Walmart for 11 years.

Now, Roger's family is upset, saying he's being treated unfairly due to a recent injury.

Walmart claims this is normal and that they always have a bathroom monitor.

Roger's brother, Carl Digilormo, says he was hurt on the job at Walmart and was on light duty until he recovers from a shoulder injury, so instead of lighting heavy boxes, Walmart had him monitor the bathroom.

The store says Roger was asked to move from bathroom to bathroom to make sure they were neat and tidy.

Walmart also claims it doesn't have "bathroom attendants."

Roger's family says he's sick from "smelling feces and urine all day." Carl had to pause when speaking to cameras, growing upset as he said, "I just ... sorry. I just can't believe that somebody would do that to somebody. It's just not, it's unreal to me." The family says that Roger, understandably, feels embarrassed and degraded.

According to, Walmart spokeswoman Katie Cody says, "He was asked to move from restroom to restroom to monitor and make sure they were tidy, because that is an area of customer service that can always been improved." She also confirmed to that Walmart stores do not actually have bathroom attendants. "We are certainly looking into it and making sure we can address this appropriately," she said.