Officials: Man got stuck in chimney of ex-wife's house

Officials: Man Got Stuck In Chimney Of Ex-Wife's House
Officials: Man Got Stuck In Chimney Of Ex-Wife's House

"CBS This Morning" anchors all agree this probably wasn't one ex-husband's finest moment.

According to KSWB, an ex-husband was trying to get into his ex-wife's house. When she wouldn't let him in he decided, 'I'm just gonna climb down the chimney.'"

NBC has more details about how the man got out of that tight spot.

"He got almost all the way down, got stuck, and finally started screaming for help. Teams disassembled the chimney piece by piece, eventually hooking the man to a harness and lifting him up."

No one seems to know why the man felt he needed to get into that house so badly.

KNBC notes the man endured several injuries and was taken to the hospital after being pulled out of the chimney.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department says no criminal charges were filed against the man. Maybe the embarrassment of being stuck in a chimney for more than two hours was punishment enough.