Deer has unexpected encounter with possum, totally freaks out

Deer Has Unexpected Encounter With Possum, Overreacts
Deer Has Unexpected Encounter With Possum, Overreacts

You would think a possum would, you know, 'play possum' when threatened -- but this YouTube video shows that's not what happened when one possum met an unsuspecting deer. Fox News says,

"The deer jumps about 5 feet into the air. You see that? The possum looked a little startled too, but that deer sure was scared."

That jump might have looked impressive, but National Geographic reports mature White-Tailed deer can jump almost twice as high.

And what's perhaps even more interesting is that the possum actually attacked an animal almost 10 times its size. Normally in that situation, possums would employ their namesake strategy.

Possums usually drop to the ground, remain completely still and even stick out their tongues when confronted by potential predators.

Of course, as one deer learned this week ... that doesn't always happen.