Oscars pizza guy opens up his own restaurant

Oscars Pizza Guy Opens His Own Pizzeria
Oscars Pizza Guy Opens His Own Pizzeria

Remember that unforgettable moment from this year's Oscars when Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizza for all your favorite A-list celebrities? Well, now Edgar Martirosyan, the man who delivered that pizza, has opened his own pizzeria.

"He and his brother Erik just opened a traditional Neapolitan pizza restaurant."

The name of the restaurant is Wood, and it's located in Silver Lake in Los Angeles.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the brothers did a lot of research to perfect the art of making Italian pizza. Edgar's brother Erik told the publication, "We wanted the right ingredients, the right products -- all shipped from Italy."

MARTIROSYAN: "We are hoping to do our best to serve the people around here and to make people happy."

Of course when pizza's involved, it's not too hard to make people happy. And it seems Edgar has really taken advantage of his "Oscars pizza guy status."

His Twitter handle is @OscarpizzaEdgar and his bio reads: "Official Twitter for; The Oscars Pizza Guy".

Wood hasn't had a grand opening yet, but it's open for business if you're in the Silver Lake area and want to get pizza from the man who has served the likes of Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep.