Jerry Springer busier than ever at 70

Jerry Springer on Fights, TV Shows and Bears, Oh My!
Jerry Springer on Fights, TV Shows and Bears, Oh My!

Jerry Springer has been the host of "The Jerry Springer Show" for 23 years and it's safe to say he's showing no signs of slowing down. He's got not one job, but four hosting his daytime talk show, "Baggage" on GSN and "Tabloid" on Investigation Discovery. You can also find him on the road with "The Price is Right Live!"

At 70, Springer has gone through more iterations of career paths than you could imagine. Besides his most famous gig as talk show host, the mild-mannered Springer has been a local TV anchor as well as Mayor of Cincinnati in the late seventies. But don't think he didn't have that "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" spirit back then. When Springer sat down with's Brian Balthazar, he revealed a story that could probably have been featured on his show. The time when he, as Mayor, got into a ring with a real life bear. "There was this major charity and they will give $10,000 for every minute that you can stay in the ring with the bear." He reluctantly climbed into the ring with the 550-pound bear while TV cameras rolled. Once he realized the bear seemed quite tame his confidence great and he decided to take a chance by doing exactly what the trainer told him not to do - touch the bear on its nose. "The next thing I remember... I am horizontal in the air. He whacked me, apparently, on the side of the head. I don't remember. My glasses go flying and I am down on the ground. He jumps on top of me and now I'm coming to and it's painful, I'm hurting! Everyone's laughing and I want him to get off! But, you're the Mayor!" Springer said, he didn't want anyone to see him cry.

It's that spirit by which Springer has built an audience of loyal viewers over the years who expect nothing less than the three-ring-circus that is "The Jerry Springer Show". So what keeps him going after all these years? "I have expenses," Springer said jokingly. "The honest answer is it's fun. I'm lucky in life and I don't need to go out and make a living. So, honestly, I do this because I actually enjoy it. I'm 70. If I stop, it's not like I'm going to come back at 80. So you gotta keep going and then the day you retire, you retire. But I just don't want to do that. It's too much fun."

We should all be so lucky. We recommend you watch Springer's interview as he cracks a bottle over Balthazar's head and shares his final thought just for his AOL fans. Of course you can catch "The Jerry Springer Show" everyday (check your local listings). Plus, watch him on "Baggage" at midnight on GSN as well as "Tabloid" on the Investigation Discovery network. And if you have time this summer, check him out on the "Price is Right Live!" roadshow too!