Jim Parsons opens up about the future of Sheldon and Amy's romance on 'The Big Bang Theory'

Jim Parsons Talks Romance on
Jim Parsons Talks Romance on

The romance between a physicist and a neuroscientist has never been hotter. Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler's relationship on "The Big Bang Theory" hasn't been quite as fast as the locomotive they kissed on a few months ago. But when Jim Parsons sat down with AOL.com's Brian Balthazar, he revealed there may be more surprises in store for the two love birds.

While answering social media questions by AOL.com's "Big Bang" fans, Parsons admitted he thinks these two will probably move beyond just a kiss, slowly, but soon. "I think so. I mean nobody's told me anything. I think the writers have done such a wonderful job with this relationship. It's such a justified slow-pace they're going at. It's so organically awkward. They've really got a lot of leeway to go where they want to with it. They've really taken their time and justified it with those two characters. Anything could happen."

In fact, Parson said, the romance has already exceeded his expectations. "Sheldon and Amy have come, in a way, a long ways romantically already that I didn't think would ever happen... I mean, we kiss now!"

Parsons' award-winning role (3 Emmys to be exact) had one of "Big Bang's" fans tweeting us about the first time he played Sheldon Cooper. He tells us that there wasn't really any science behind the audition that blew Executive Producer Chuck Lorre away. "I really was very much kind of how I prepare for the role these days which is straight rote memorization. When it's good material, when the writing is good, whatever that means to you. The important thing is to just have, for me at least, those words at easy disposal so when push comes to shove I can react and I know those words are going to come out of my mouth."

One of those words? Bazinga! Parsons sure to use his Be sure to catch Jim Parsons in his brand new film "The Normal Heart" out this Sunday night at 9pm on HBO and watch "The Big Bang Theory" Thursday nights at 8pm on CBS.