Baby born to mother in comatose state

Mother In Coma Gives Birth To Healthy Boy
Mother In Coma Gives Birth To Healthy Boy

A California family celebrated a bittersweet moment this week after a mother in a coma gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

39-year-old Melissa Carleton suffered a seizure due to a benign brain tumor in March.

She then underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumor. Doctors were able to successfully remove the tumor, though Carleton was unable to wake up from surgery.

Carleton's been hospitalized since she was 29 weeks pregnant, and doctors successfully delivered the baby by C-section Thursday.

Despite her comatose state, Carleton appears to be aware of what's going on. Her husband Brian Lande says before she gave birth, Melissa moved his hand to her stomach where the baby was kicking.

"She was able to reach up and touch my face. She puckered for a kiss. These are things we've waited for for months to happen and she did them today. As happy as I am to meet my son, it is incredibly painful for Melissa not to be awake with me for this," he told ABC.

She's now being moved to a rehab facility where doctors and family hope she'll wake up.