Amazing, frightening moment when man catches falling baby

Amazing Moment Man Catches Falling Baby
Amazing Moment Man Catches Falling Baby

Somebody get that guy a medal! Surveillance video captured the amazing moment a man caught a falling baby in a southern Chinese city.

Reports say the 1-year-old was looking for his mother during a thunderstorm and climbed out on to the ledge.

Fortunately, a street vendor identified as Mr. Li spotted the child and got ready to catch him. Other passersby also prepared for the worst, putting down cardboard to break the baby's fall in case Li missed him.

This isn't the first time a good Samaritan made an incredibly heroic save.

Last year, a police officer in Italy noticed a toddler was leaning too far over the ledge of a second-floor window and positioned himself underneath right before the boy fell.

An airport security guard also saved a baby when it rolled off the edge of a checkpoint counter. He threw himself to the ground and amazingly caught the child. It was so epic, even the father was surprised.

Watch the entire video here: