PETA's anti-SeaWorld ad on display at San Diego airport

PETA To Post Ad At San Diego Airport: 'Please Avoid SeaWorld'
PETA To Post Ad At San Diego Airport: 'Please Avoid SeaWorld'

People at a San Diego airport might see an interesting ad on display Thursday. The advertisement is sponsored by People for Ethical Treatments of Animals, or PETA, and tells SeaWorld lovers to rethink their visits.

"A controversial ad asking tourists to stay away from SeaWorld will be displayed at Lindbergh Field."

"It features actress Kathy Najimy, who grew up here in San Diego. It says, 'Welcome to San Diego! If you love animals like I do, please avoid SeaWorld,'" XETV reports.

An announcement on PETA's website says the organization wanted to run the ad so people would learn the "truth about SeaWorld's systematic abuse of animals."

PETA's announcement also includes a link to its page SeaWorld of Hurt, which highlights what some consider to be inhumane behavior toward SeaWorld's animals.

"PETA, backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, sued the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority after its advertising vendor chose not to accept $17,500 for the anti-SeaWorld message."

"Now, as part of the settlement, the ad will stay up for a month."

Nature World News reports SeaWorld San Diego spokesman David Koontz responded:

"PETA is an extremist organization and this ad demonstrates that, once again, they are more interested in publicity stunts than helping animals. The truth is that our animals at SeaWorld are healthy and happy."

The Los Angeles Times reports PETA began protesting against SeaWorld after the release of the documentary "Blackfish," which portrays SeaWorld in a negative light.

SeaWorld claims "Blackfish" is "propaganda."

"Blackfish employs false and emotionally manipulative sequences concerning the collection and separation of killer whales."

Along with the right to advertise for a month, PETA and ACLU will receive $31,086 from the airport for attorney fees.