'Only in Canada': Man finds newborn moose, brings it to Tim Hortons

Canadian Best: Man Saves Baby Moose and Takes It to Tim Hortons

Outside of Tim Hortons in Canada, Shirley Erkila and other patrons got the "thrill of a lifetime." (And here they thought they'd just be getting a cup of coffee!)
Baby moose in Tim Hortons parking lot
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'Only in Canada': Man finds newborn moose, brings it to Tim Hortons
UNITED STATES - JULY 13: Pedestrians walk past a Tim Hortons coffee and bake shop in New York, U.S., on Monday, July 13, 2009. Tim Hortons Inc., the largest fast-food chain in Canada, opened nine restaurants in Manhattan and two in Brooklyn on Monday, marking the chain's first incursion into New York City. (Photo by Jin Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Tim Horton's, Queen Street, Streetsville, Ont.
TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 20: Tim Hortons announced today that it's pulling the plug on its deluxe ice cream shops, Cold Stone Creamery. Toronto, February 20, 2014. (Vince Talotta/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
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CANADA - MARCH 07: Tim Hortons employee Shahin Haque fills up a customer's order at a Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Tim Hortons store March 7, 2006. Canadians, who eat more donuts per capita than any nation on Earth, are planning to gobble up shares of Tim Hortons in the biggest IPO in the country in almost two years. (Photo by Dave Olecko/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

In the parking lot, Shirley met a man who had rescued a baby moose from nearly getting killed on the highway. "Everyone immediately came out of the coffee shop and began petting the creature and standing there in awe. The baby moose was barely a day old," Shirley writes.

The man who found the baby moose saw it wandering in Dowling, Ontario. The mother was not in sight, and the animal kept trying to go into traffic. Shirley explains that "the man tried to guide him back to the bush so it wouldn't get hit by a vehicle, but with no success. It is believed the mother may have died."

"He stopped at Tim Horton's [sic] so others could experience this thrill and then took him to a wild life shelter where he is now being taken care of," Shirley continued. "Only in Canada at Tim Horton's [sic]. Moose and coffee at Tim Horton's [sic] will now be the new best Canadian Experience in Northern Ontario."

CTV news reports that the little moose is a male, and was in fact just a day old when he was found. The 25-lb creature is safely at the Wild at Heart Animal Refuge Centre in Lively, Ontario.
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