Will Smith helps stranger announce her pregnancy

Woman Gets Will Smith To Help Announce She's Pregnant
Woman Gets Will Smith To Help Announce She's Pregnant

This is a story all about how one woman seized the opportunity to announce her pregnancy in a pretty special way ... and no, we don't mean a gender reveal photoshoot. Been there, done that.

We mean she met superstar Will Smith and enlisted his help.

"A lucky woman named Emily apparently ran into Will Smith in a coffee shop, right? So, that's pretty cool in itself. Then, she got the former 'Fresh Prince' star to help her announce her big news."

E! called that a "hard-to-top announcement" -- and, well, we have to agree.

A friend of Emily's posted the photo to Reddit and titled the thread, "My friend's baby announcement is pretty fresh."

Get it? "Fresh"? Y'know ... "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Clever.

The photo appeared on Imgur, where commenters had a field day, saying it kinda looks like it was Will Smith who was the baby's dad since he's the one holding the sign.

Okay, so you could take it like that ... orrrr you could just take it as being the coolest pregnancy announcement ever. We're going with option No. 2.