Tough Mudder organization experiences another setback

Tough Mudder Rescue Diver's Heart Stops
Tough Mudder Rescue Diver's Heart Stops

Tough Mudder races are known for being brutal, but what happens when someone hired to keep people safe gets hurt?

A rescue diver working the event in Mansfield, Ohio, was hospitalized this week. His heart stopped during the race while he was stationed in the water at an obstacle.

ABC News has more detail:

The diver, whose name has not been released, was stationed in the water at the Walk-the-Plank obstacle in Mansfield, Ohio, where racers are required to jump off a 15-foot platform into cold, muddy water, according to Tough Mudder spokesman Ben Johnson. Johnson could not confirm details of what happened to the diver, but race participant Bret Buike said he was the one to notice the diver and helped save his life.

Fortunately, a former firefighter acted quickly.

One firefighter on the scene told WKYP, "I saw he was unresponsive. Everybody sprung into action and I jumped in the water and helped push him over to the side and pull him out along with a couple other lifeguards. Then right away we started CPR and got his wet suit off."

More than 9,000 people took part in the race, which includes 12 miles of military obstacles. Participants are required to sign a waiver before each race acknowledging the risk of injury.

Last year, a Maryland man died during a Tough Mudder in West Virginia and so many others were injured that the local hospital had to turn people away from the emergency room because it was too crowded.

And more recently, the event garnered attention after more than 20 people became sick because they inadvertently consumed water during the race that had been contaminated with animal feces.