A baby's not the only thing in that stroller

WATCH: Dog Thieves Stash Expensive Chihuahua In Child's Stroller
WATCH: Dog Thieves Stash Expensive Chihuahua In Child's Stroller

Stealing and then stashing roughly $1,000 worth of merchandise in your child's stroller is risky business - especially when the merchandise isn't known to be quiet.

A man and a woman from Colorado used their child to hide the Chihuahua they swiped from a pet store by putting it into the stroller.

KUSA says after showing the child one of the teacup Chihuahuas, the man and woman quickly stowed it in the bottom of the stroller.

According to the website for Pet Ranch, where the puppy was stolen, the store is a leader in puppy sales.

Owner Renee Reese told KMGH the 2-and-a-half-month-old puppy could become hypoglycemic without proper care. And she takes moral issue with what the family did.

"When they steal a puppy, they are stealing a living creature," she said

According to Reese, the couple snatched up the puppy in about 60 seconds, which led her to speculate they're experienced at shoplifting.

Now, police are asking for help in identifying the family. Thornton police described the thieves as Hispanic. Both the man and woman are described as being between 23-28 years old. The man was average height, at least 155 pounds and was wearing a number 21 Indianapolis Colts football jersey. The woman had long black hair and was also of average height.

Reese says this isn't the first time a puppy has been stolen from Pet Ranch, but thanks to security footage, all but one thief have caught in the past.