Neighbors Lift Car After Mom Backs Over Toddler

Neighbors Pick Up Car After Mom Backs Over Baby: Police
A baby is in the hospital after police say she was run over by her mother's car outside their New Jersey home.

WCAU reports police say 23-year-old Christina Rodriguez was backing out of the driveway Tuesday when her 1-year-old daughter ran into the car's path and got pinned underneath the vehicle. (Via )

WNBC reports neighbors saw what happened and alerted Rodriguez. They then lifted the car to allow Rodriguez to retrieve her daughter.

KYW-TV points to police saying the incident appears to be an accident, but it is still being investigated. The baby was airlifted to a hospital where she is reportedly being treated for moderate injuries. (Via )

KCNC reports a similar accident earlier this month in Colorado resulted in the death of a 3-year-old boy when his father backed out of their driveway.

Scary incidents like these are one of the many reasons the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will require rearview cameras on new vehicles by 2018.

The administration says back-up accidents cause an average of 210 deaths and 15,000 injuries each year. It believes rear-visibility systems will reduce those numbers.

According to the Los Angeles Times, many safety advocates have been wondering why the law hadn't come sooner. A fatal accident in 2002 led to the passing of a 2007 federal act that required new back-up collision regulations within three years.

The New Jersey baby girl's current condition was unknown as of early Wednesday morning, though she is expected to live.

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