Couple marries over 40 years after breaking off their engagement

Couple Marries 40 Years After Breaking Off Their Engagement

They were the unlikeliest of couples in the 1960s.

Jane Mattson was a "good kid," studying at Columbia University. Steve Shapiro was a hippie driving a taxi in New York City and drifting toward what he calls "a bohemian lifestyle."
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Couple marries over 40 years after breaking off their engagement

They met as teens and were both in their early 20s when they got engaged. However, Shapiro called off the wedding, fearful of falling in to a "middle class marriage" at such a young age.

The two didn't stay in much contact after that, but neither completely forgot the deep connection that had started when they were just children in their temple's youth group.

Mattson eventually got married and had three kids within three years, while Shapiro took about 14 or 15 years to settle down. "He truly did need to ... try all different kinds of things," Mattson said.

"Two springs ago," Mattson and Shapiro were both unattached. Shapiro asked Mattson to come out to visit him in Arizona. "The first three days that we spent together, it was one conversation after another. The walls came down, and we realized that we were more than friends," Shapiro said.

Now in their 60s, Mattson and Shapiro have rediscovered their love for each other.

Now, 44 years later, they became engaged for the second time. Yes, they used the same ring that he had given her when she was 22 years old.

"After the engagement broke up, Janie gave me the ring back," Shapiro said. "I kept it in a safety deposit box for my whole life. I took her to the vault where the ring was kept, and it just flew out of the safety deposit box right onto her finger and made the deal again -- for real this time, with no trepidation and backing out. It was quite a magic moment at the bank opening up the safety deposit box."

"Our time wasn't in '68, our time is now," Shapiro says.

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