15-year-old is a cooking prodigy

Meet 15-Year-Old Chef Flynn McGarry

Most 15-year-olds would be lucky to know what they want to do with their lives, let alone to be doing it already. But one 15-year-old is already well on his way to becoming a renowned chef.

That was Flynn McGarry from California, making a sous vide duck breast wrapped in nori -- just one of the many extravagant dishes the teenager is capable of making.

According to his website, "Dining With Flynn," McGarry first began cooking when he was 10 and served his dishes to his mother's friends. By 13, he had taken on a "sous vide" cooking style, which is a
"method of cooking food slowly in a vacuum-sealed pouch at a low temperature."

The young chef has been profiled in The New York Times Magazine, which did a feature story introducing McGarry and his supper club, Eureka.

Eureka started as a supper club in his parents' home, but eventually grew into a pop-up restaurant that serves eight to ten courses.

According to Gothamist, Creative Edge Parties hosted Eureka for a two night pop-up in late May. The eight-course tasting menu was $150 per person, not including the $60 wine pairing.

Not everyone is so impressed. In a column featured on Eater, New York City chef Amanda Cohen said: "My problem is the fetishization of chefs. ... Maybe he'll be a talented chef. ... But so what? Because the fact is ... he's making dinner."

But McGarry told CBS he doesn't worry about the haters.

"When someone comes and wants it to be bad and leaves happy - that's like you've completely flipped their opinion with your talent. And that's kind of, like, a very - something you don't see that often."

McGarry plans to open his own restaurant in New York by the time he's 19.
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