Cop goes for wild ride on hood of car

WATCH: Cop Goes For Wild Ride On Hood Of Car

One police officer went on a whirlwind of a ride ... on the front of a car!

"A traffic cop taken for a wild ride on the hood of a car in China. The driver eventually arrested."

NBC called it a dramatic scene and noted the officer was not injured.

"Officer holds on for more than a half a mile."
"This guy made an illegal U-turn. Look at this."
"Here's just a note for the cop. If he is a reckless driver, you might not wanna jump on the car."

Probably sound advice.

And surprisingly this isn't the first police officer in China to hang on to a windshield –- Carscoops highlighted a case from February when a heroic officer tried to stop a car from escaping a traffic stop.

Maybe we can all come to an agreement: Jumping on a car's hood or windshield is really not an efficient way to stop a car.
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