Boy at Texas Rangers game makes impressive (but tricky) play

Boy At Texas Rangers Game Makes Impressive Play

A young boy named Austin Chaney might have made the ultimate play of the day at a Toronto Blue Jays vs. Texas Rangers game Saturday. Check out this trick he played to impress the woman behind him.
Smooth moves, kid
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Boy at Texas Rangers game makes impressive (but tricky) play

"He catches the baseball and then turns to the group of young ladies behind him and says, 'Ladies, would you like a ball?'"

How sweet, right? Except ... he didn't give the woman the game ball like she probably thought. He did the old switcheroo, and according to TXCN / WFAA, he kept the ball third-base coach Luis Rivera had tossed him earlier.

"I was told that if I got another ball, that I should give it to someone else. So, I turned around and I thought I was going to give it to someone deep down there, and then I saw her right in front of me and I gave it to her."

What a charmer. And Austin's move was one for the books.

It's been going viral, especially after a sports reporter named Melissa posted the play on Vine along with the message, "This kid is SMOOTH."

And a day later it was re-posted on Reddit, where commenters were very impressed.

Media outlets have been picking up the story, including SB Nation, which called it a "job well done."

"At least the recipient seems sufficiently impressed."
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