Second set of rare twins born 6 days later at same hospital

Second Set Of Rare Twins Born 6 Days Later At Same Hospital

An unbelievable story - an Akron, Ohio, hospital welcomed a second set of extremely rare bundles of joy this week. ABC reports:

"Just days after these rare mono mono twin girls were born holding hands at Akron General Medical Center, another mom at the very same hospital also gave birth to another identical set of mono mono twin girls."

Yes, just six days after the Thistlethwaite family welcomed its rare mono mono twins into the world, it was Amanda Arnold's turn. In the same hospital. WEWS reports:

"I'm ready, I'm anxious. I'm ready to meet them. No hand-holding this time, but welcome to the world beautiful identical twin sisters with dark black hair."

Monoamniotic, or mono mono, twins occur only once in every 10,000 pregnancies, according to researchers.

Mono mono twins share the same amniotic sac, which can result in a variety of complications, including the babies becoming entangled in each other's cords, one twin compressing the other's cord or one twin receiving more nourishment than the other.

Luckily, there were no major complications with these two sets of twins. Locals shared in the delight of Akron General Medical Center's second set of mono mono twins.

One user posted on WEWS' Facebook page, asking what could possibly be in Akron's water and congratulating the couple.

Arnold and her boyfriend's twin girls are expected to go home and join their five-year-old brother in a few weeks. The Thistlethwaite's hand-holding twins are also expected to remain at the hospital for another couple of weeks.

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Second set of rare twins born 6 days later at same hospital
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