Shutterfly mass email goes terribly wrong

Shutterfly's Mass Email Goes Terribly, Terribly Wrong

The photo service Shutterfly accidentally sent out a mass email congratulating an unknown number of recipients on being new parents. A sweet gesture, but many aren't new parents.

Shutterfly sent a targeted email to parents looking to create birth announcements, but it went terribly wrong.

The email reads, "There's nothing more amazing than bringing a new life into the world. As a new parent you're going to find more to love, more to give, and more to share." But most recipients only found more confusion.

One twitter user posted, "Just found out I'm a dad via a @shutterfly email campaign. news to me."

Another wrote, "The apocalypse is here ppl, a website just got me pregnant #thefutureisnow"

A spokesperson from Shutterfly spoke to The Huffington Post and said it was an accident. "We deeply apologize for this intrusion and any offense this may have caused.

Our intention was to email customers who have recently purchased birth announcements with us, and it was sent to a larger distribution in error."

HuffPost Live's Christian Nilsson also received the email in question from Shutterfly, and while he was surprised to find out he's a father, he was more surprised to find out that he has a Shutterfly account.

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