Women finds 12-ft snake in bathroom

Women Finds 12 Foot Snake In Bathroom
A Texas woman received a huge, slithery surprise in her bathroom earlier this month -- and it wasn't the kind you can trap in a little cup. Ahem ... it was a twelve foot African Python.

Veronica Ruiz told The Eagle, "As soon as I turned on the light, that's when I saw it ... it was crawling into my tub."

The 50-year-old single mom said the creature probably slithered in to her home when she left the back door open while she was giving her guinea pigs a bath.

After an emergency call was made, local officers came to the rescue and managed to get the python into a trash can, where it stayed until animal control officers picked it up the following morning. The bathroom-loving snake was returned to its rightful owner, who will hopefully keep a better eye on it going forward.

Though this happened over a week ago, Veronica said she's still completely shaken. Can you blame her?

And this isn't the first time a snake has slithered into a bathroom. On Monday that a Singapore housewife was bit by a six foot python while she was sitting on a toilet. It was the second time she found a snake in her toilet.
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