'Dancing With The Stars': Amy Purdy's surprise phone call

'Dancing With The Stars': Amy Purdy's Surprise Phone Call From Oprah

On "Dancing With The Stars," paralympian Amy Purdy got a surprise phone call from a very special someone... Oprah Winfrey!

OPRAH: "Hi Amy, this is Oprah..."

AMY: "Ah! Are you serious!? Oh my god..."

DEREK: "Wow, we're so surprised to hear from you, this is amazing."

OPRAH: "Is that Derek? Oh, Amy and Derek... oh my god!!!!"

Oprah said she's been watching and routing for Amy and Derek, and actually dialing the number to vote. She congratulated Amy on how far she's already come and called her unbelievable.

Amy was excited to get the call -- calling Oprah an inspiration of hers because of how many obstacles she's overcome to
get to where she is today. Oprah added that when Amy wins, she's taking her and Derek out to dinner.

While it was a cute television moment, Tweeters had mixed reactions about Amy's call from Oprah -- some excited for the paralympian, but most saying producers are totally manipulating the show for Amy to win, Oprah being a part of that manipulation.

And Facebook fans agreed, saying if Meryl and Max don't win, it's proof that this show is rigged, and that if Amy and Derek win, it's a pity win that's just for publicity and not fair for the other dancers.

Still, CarterMatt thinks Amy has a good shot to win it all.

"She is very popular despite being a relative unknown before the show, and she also happens to be a phenomenal dancer with an inspirational story. Traditionally, all of this bodes very well when it comes to being declared the victor at the end."

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