Rolling boulder stops just short of demolishing Mass. church

Rolling Boulder Stops Just Short Of Demolishing Mass. Church

Some are saying divine intervention might have been at work after a massive boulder nearly demolished a church in Massachusetts. The boulder missed the building by just one foot.
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Rolling boulder stops just short of demolishing Mass. church

New York Daily News says the video was captured by construction workers, who were demolishing an area near Grace Ministries Church in Saugus.

'A charter school is going into the space next to the Greater Grace Ministries Church. A company doing some blasting work was clearing space when the boulder somehow jumped the barrier and took aim on the church."

The church's pastor, Rick LeClair, called in to "Fox & Friends" Monday morning to talk about what stopped the boulder. According to LeClair, some people have said the boulder must have been stopped by a railing.

"But that railing was like a toothpick compared to the size of this boulder. The boulder was as tall, it was up to the eave of the roof of the church."

And it sounds like LeClair, who was actually on site when the boulder came tumbling down, didn't have much faith his church would still be standing.

'I was across the street watching it and said, 'Well, there goes the church.'"

Thankfully, the boulder somehow stopped just in time. If it had kept rolling, LeClair says it would have dropped into the storage area where the church keeps the food it gives to thousands of people each month.
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