Debunk'd: Tornado throws truck, Vine shovel girl dies, 'Fargo' true story

Debunk'd: Tornado Throws Truck 27 Miles, Vine Shovel Girl Dies, Fargo True Story

By Patrick Jones

Just because you see it on the Internet doesn't mean it's true. Here are the top stories that Debunk'd reveals are a fraud this week.
Fake stories on the web this week
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Debunk'd: Tornado throws truck, Vine shovel girl dies, 'Fargo' true story

Many rumors surrounded the violent tornadoes that ripped through the Midwest recently. One of the most widespread was around a truck that was believed to have been carried 27 miles by the tornado. Scientists stated that it was implausible, and the truck owner confirmed their claim. He said he simply forgot where he parked.

Another false assertion? That both the movie "Fargo" and the FX show "Fargo" are based on a true story. The opening of the movie features an explanation that it's based on events that took place in Minnesota in 1987. The television series also opens with an explanation that the series is based on something that happened in Minnesota in 2006.

However, according to various articles (and a New York Times interview with creators the Coen brothers), the plots are entirely made up.

At best, the events of the movie and TV show can be loosely traced to a few incidents in Connecticut and Japan.

That Marge Gunderson is full of it, dontcha know.

The third false story comes after the infamous Vine that shows a girl getting hit by a shovel. A website claimed the girl, Miranda Lockwood, died from the blow.

That website Huzler is a satire site, which is also running a story about George Zimmerman getting a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP and another about 59 people dying from marijuana overdoses since it was made legal in Colorado.

Additionally, the original poster of the Vine video, Josh Officer, put out another video clearing up the death rumors.

"Before the rumors get out of control, Miranda is not dead," Officer says.

Check back with us every week as we give you the full story of what's real and what's not on the web.
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