Emergency rescue during wedding photo session

Wedding Photography Session Turns Into Rescue Mission

Jo-Anne Easterbrook had just tied the knot with her husband Aaron and they, along with their wedding party, were taking some photos down by the shore. But ABC says that's when the photoshoot turned into an emergency rescue.

"During this bridal party's photoshoot in Australia the groomsman spotted a fisherman in trouble. His boat had flipped over, so he did the right thing."

Rescue during wedding
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Emergency rescue during wedding photo session

CBS says that groomsman and a fellow groomsman quickly stripped out of their suits and ran out into the ocean to help the fisherman.

"They were able to pull the man and his boat to shore."

The Cairns Post reports the fisherman was conscious but gasping for breath when the two groomsmen--Dougal Grey and Clayton Deane--swam out to help him.
Source: The Cairns Post

Luckily, they got him out of the water. And this isn't the first time a photoshoot has quickly become a life-saving rescue operation.

Last year, Becki Salmon and Matt Werner were in the middle of taking their engagement photos when a young boy fell into a nearby creek. Before Werner and the photographer had a chance to do anything, WPVI says Salmon was in the water. 05

"If I would have had my wedding dress on that day, that's what I would have been in the water in."
"It was almost over my head where we were. I had to swim to him. I grabbed him, pulled him up, I pushed him over my shoulder and just immediately started smacking him so he'd throw up water."

As for the Easterbrooks, CBS says they didn't let the incident get in the way of snapping those wedding photos, even though their groomsmen were soaking wet.

'Afterward Mr. and Mrs. Easterbrook with their wet and under-dressed groomsman posed for more wedding pictures."

Jo-Anne told The Cairns Post the rescue made for a great story to tell at their reception.
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