Robin loses bet, forced to do the 'NaeNae'

HLN Host Loses Bet, Does The #NaeNae

HLN host Robin Meade has kept her word after losing a March Madness bet to CNN host Wolf Blitzer. Meade made a wager with Blitzer, betting that she had a better bracket.

If she won, Blitzer would have to step out of the Situation Room and guest-anchor a sports segment on HLN.

If she lost, Meade would have to learn a dance and perform it on air. She lost.

Blitzer tweeted, "Choose which dance Robin Meade has to do on air, I vote the dougie."

But fans voted for Meade to do another dance.

Robin Meade NaeNae
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Robin loses bet, forced to do the 'NaeNae'

They voted for the #NaeNae, a dance that goes along with the We Are Toonz hit "Drop That #NaeNae."

The song was already something of a viral hit thanks to the Mercer Bear's Kevin Canevari doing the dance after beating Duke 78-71, Arnold Schwarzenegger learning the dance while on BET's 106 & Park, and a Texas Rangers fan doing the dance after catching a homer.

We even had We Are Toonz on HuffPost Live teaching our own Ricky Camilleri how to do the #NaeNae.

Earlier this week Meade paid up.

The 45-year-old host met up with We Are Toonz so that they could get a one-on-one dance lesson.

After a bit of rehearsal, Meade got the dance down.

She perfected her sway, learned the footwork, and keep up with the rest of the group.

Surprisingly, she does a really great job.

I have a feeling Dancing With The Stars may be in Meade's future.

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