Teens forced to dress up like 'Flintstones'

Teens' Punishment For Stealing? Dress Up As 'Flintstones'

A comic book store owner came up with a unique punishment for three teenagers who confessed to stealing his Flintmobile.

Yes - the Flintmobile, like Fred Flintstone's car. But this was in Sacramento, not the town of Bedrock.

Despite how silly their theft was, KOVR reports the store's owner agreed not to press charges if the three boys dressed up as Fred, Barney and Wilma.

We're wondering how they decided who took Wilma. Anyway, the story of the car's theft first made national headlines late last year.

The Huffington Post reports the Flintmobile outside "World's Best Comics" was stolen in mid-December and wasn't found until almost a month later. The undriveable car weighs in at a hefty 200 pounds.

The store's owner had the boys serve their public punishment on Free Comic Book Day - one of the store's busiest days of the year.

Fred, Barney and Wilma advertised Free Comic Book Day on the side of a busy street. They told KTXL they have learned their lesson and won't be stealing again.

KTXL reports the Flintmobile is now chained down so no one will be able to steal it again. Yabba dabba ... don't.
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