Trendy new beauty test sweeps social media

Does 'The Finger Trap' Really Test Beauty

Time to time everyone has questioned whether or not they are good looking, and now there is an easy test to find out. All you'll need is your finger. According to the test, if you can place your index finger against your nose and chin and your lips touch your finger, you're beautiful. It's called "The Finger Trap."

The new beauty test started on Weibo, China's equivalent to Facebook, and it started going viral almost immediately. And the test isn't just a fad, it's science. The test is loosely based on the 3.1 ratio for beauty that dates back to Da Vinci, which plastic surgeons use to create the perfect profile.

But besides that, the finger trap is completely off-base. According to that rationale, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba wouldn't be considered beautiful.

Yahoo Shine spoke with a psychotherapist who said the test can actually do some damage. She said, "These types of online beauty 'checks' can be harmful because it's a quick fix for a larger problem. If you don't feel beautiful, holding your finger to your lips won't help because building true self-esteem takes time and effort."

Just like with the "thigh gap," there is really no way to measure beauty.
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