Why this "Vampire Diaries" star named his cat... Cat.

Paul Wesley's Unusual Name for His Cat Revealed!

He's the swoon-worthy vampire, Stephan Salvatore, on the CW's "Vampire Diaries." And while rabid fans wait with bated breath to see whether or not he'll get together with his on-screen best friend, Caroline Forbes, Paul Wesley is revealing a big secret about his real life best friend. His cat, Cat.

Yes, that's right. Wesley named his cat, Cat. Many of his 2.9 million Twitter fans and followers on his Instagram account already know about Cat. But when he sat down with AOL.com's Carey Reilly, Wesley revealed the story behind the rather unique name. "I guess I'm making a statement against humanizing cats," Wesley said with a laugh. "I named the cat Whiskey first, because it has long whiskers and I also like drinking whiskey. But then it just seemed cheesy to me. So I went back to Cat and now it's just Cat. I feel good about it." Mystery solved!

Speaking of mysteries, his character on "Vampire Diaries" is keeping things plutonic with best friend, Caroline, but does Wesley think men and women can really just be friends? "I think men and women can be friends but I think that there's usually one individual in the friendship that may potentially take it further if given the opportunity... That's my little theory." Wesley admits it's usually the man in all instances, so will Stephan take it to the next level? Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Off-screen, the 31-year-old, has taken to producing and directing. He made his directorial debut last month with one episode of his own show. He tells us that directing has been a career goal. "For me it wasn't just a one time deal. It's something I want to continue doing and I've always wanted to do it. It's an incredible opportunity because I have a relationship with the producers and the network so they let me do it. Otherwise... I don't think it's easy to break in to that mold."

Nor is it easy to breakthrough the smolder factor on the show. Wesley admits the vampire with the most smoldering looks isn't him, but his co-star Ian Somerhalder. "My counterpart, Ian, we call him 'Smolderholder'. We call him 'Smoldypants, actually."

Based on our independent research, we can confirm that Wesley also has a very high degree of smolder. To weigh in on Paul Wesley's smolder factor, be sure to watch him on "Vampire Diaries" Thursday nights at 8pm on the CW.
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