Brave meteorologist has to take cover during forecast

Meteorologist Forced To Take Cover Mid Newscast Due To Tornado

Dozens of tornadoes tore through the South on Monday, and one local weather man in Tupelo, Mississippi was forced to take cover during his live weather report.

"Tornado ... ripping through the city of Tupelo as we speak. This could be deadly. Basement, now... Let's go."

Matt Laubhan is the brave meteorologist who was seen giving directions to his coworkers. He is the Chief Meteorologist for WTVA, and his bio notes he's no stranger to dangerous weather conditions, and has been a storm spotter since he was 10.

Laubhan told ABC that in that moment, he had to listen to his own advice.

"At that point you've got to get to your safe place. What kind of example are we setting if we don't go."

NBC reports the only storm death in the Tupelo area on Monday was in a weather-related car crash. And the Tupelo mayor, Jason Shelton, said, "The fact that there were not more casualties is just a miracle of God ... we're very fortunate."

The massive twister caused devastation in the area, ripping homes from their foundation.

CBS credits the safety of the community to the early weather warnings.

"The weather forecast was saying it's three minutes away, it's two minutes away and that's when my ears started popping."

Dozens of twisters reportedly touched down Monday across Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, responsible for a reported 11 deaths.
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