'Long Island Medium': The Strongest Person Theresa's Ever Met

'Long Island Medium': The Strongest Person Theresa's Ever Met

On "Long Island Medium," Theresa Caputo met with Norma, a woman with a very tragic past.

Within the span of a year, Norma lost her mother, her father and her husband to various illnesses -- all suddenly. On top of that, she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, something she's still battling today. She said losing the closest people in her life so quickly felt like a rug being ripped out from under her. But Theresa was able to provide Norma with some much needed closure.

THRESA: "They're making me feel all these emotions of how proud they are of you.
NORMA: "Oh!"

THERESA: "To really acknowledge, to validate for you that you are not alone."
NORMA: "I needed that."

Theresa said Norma was one of the strongest people she's ever met -- and that Norma's mother was the "most impatient soul" she'd ever met. Norma was very thankful for Theresa, and said knowing that her family is with her helps her to move forward at peace. Norma is determined to beat her cancer and inspire others around her.

Fans on Twitter were loving the emotionally charged episode -- and crying right along with Norma.

And Facebook fans were inspired by Theresa -- calling her a wonderful woman who brings so much happiness to viewers every week.
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