Columbus Day renamed 'Indigenous Peoples Day' in Minneapolis

Columbus Day Renamed 'Indigenous Peoples Day' In Minneapolis
Christopher Columbus might have sailed the ocean blue in 1492, but he will no longer have a holiday in his name in Minneapolis.

"The Minneapolis City Council voted to, as some would say, set the record straight. Their unanimous vote renames Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day."

A Minneapolis state representative says the new name is an effort to honor Native American culture.

"This would be a day to celebrate our survival as a culturally distinct people despite 500 years of disease, warfare, massacre, displacement and forced assimilation."

This change got a lot of people fired up on social media, though.

One Facebook user wrote: "No, Minneapolis. It's still Columbus day and I will now celebrate it just out of spite."

Still, there are supporters: "Love, love, love this... amazing. Love living in MN #progression"

And some who pointed out perhaps both sides have the holiday wrong. "It should be changed to Horrible at Geography Day, since Columbus was about 1/2 a hemisphere off."

And actually, Minneapolis is not the first to modify its observance of the holiday.

"Minneapolis is not the only city to make a move like this. Berkeley did it in the early '90s, and other cities have done it as well. Four states do not recognize Columbus Day, including South Dakota."

Supporters hope Minnesota will join Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon and South Dakota in not recognizing Columbus Day.

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