Scorned worker sends over 1,000 ducks to ex-boss' apartment

Scorned Worker Sends Over 1,000 Ducks to Ex-Boss's Apartment

A man in China, known only as Xiang, decided to enlist the "help" of baby ducks for a little payback.
Scorned worker
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Scorned worker sends over 1,000 ducks to ex-boss' apartment

Xiang ordered 1,130 chicks and had them delivered to the apartment of his ex-boss, a man identified as Bing. Xiang was upset because he believed Bing owed him $500.

The dispute between the two apparently stretches back three years, when Xiang decided to leave his job at Bing's business. Before he officially left, Xiang made it known he was owed his wages, but Bing disagreed and claimed he had already been paid.

It seems the conflict over the money continued to gnaw at Xiang, leading him to get the ducks. After a farmer sent all the creatures to Bing's apartment, they were left to freely wander around the house.

The farmer soon contacted Xiang for payment, who in turn directed him to Bing (who still hadn't paid him back). The farmer didn't particularly want to be in the middle of the dispute, so he contacted the police for help.

With assistance from officers, they reached an agreement. Bing would have to pay the farmer for transporting the ducks, and both Xiang and Bing were advised to contact the 'relevant' authorities to determine the wage dispute.

Hopefully no ducks were injured during this baffling attempt at revenge.
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