Ox dashed through hallways of South American hospital

Ox Runs Loose in Brazilian Hospital

It's an unusual incident, to say the least. An ox made its way inside a South American hospital and was caught on camera running down one of the hallways.

According to the date on the surveillance footage, the incident took place a little more than a month ago. The question people are still asking is the obvious one ... how did the ox end up in the hospital?

9 News reports the hospital is in a rural part of Rio, which is also near an area where a lot of oxen roam. On top of that, the hospital doesn't have fencing to keep the animals away from the building.

That lack of fencing is cited as a major reason the animal wandered inside the building. The animal knocked over a few doors.

Fox News reports police were able to capture the ox and take it out of the building. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

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