Moose attracts crowd after wandering into man's backyard

Moose Attracts Crowd After Wandering Into Man's Backyard

When Lloyd Readman of Orillia, Canada, looked out his window, he didn't expect to see a 600-lb. moose -- along with a slew of spectators taking photos of it. But that he did.

Though quite a sight, it could have also been quite the threat -- as moose can be extremely aggressive.

Luckily, the moose was extremely calm and didn't move much throughout the ordeal.

Nonetheless, her presence was the cause of two nearby schools going on lockdown -- just as a precaution.

Wildlife experts sectioned off the area to keep everyone safe and eventually tranquilized the moose and set it free back into the wild.

Allegedly, Readman's visitor is doing great after being released into the wild. The Ministry of Natural Resources sent CTV a photo of the freed moose -- no backyards included.

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