'House Hunters': Couple checks out tree house 90 ft. in the sky

'House Hunters': Couple Visits Costa Rican Tree House 90 Ft. In The Sky

On "House Hunters Off The Grid," Matt and Kelly were tired of working the everyday nine to five, and wanted to find a tree house in the jungles of Costa Race to live a life less ordinary.
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'House Hunters': Couple checks out tree house 90 ft. in the sky

But even in a tree house community in the jungles of Costa Rica, the real estate doesn't come cheap -- especially when you find a decked-out tree house that's 90 feet up in the air!

Though the first spot (El Castillo Mastate) was beautiful, it was a little out of their price range. At $1,500 a month, Matt and Kelly had to give up and move on.

The couple, originally from England, was looking for a place where they could grow their own food and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Matt also needed solar power to run his online business, but their finances were limited and in the end, the couple went with a tree house that suited their budget of $900 a month.

Fans on Twitter were loving the episode ... but they weren't so sure they could ever live the same kind of lifestyle in the middle of nowhere.

If you're curious and want to test it out, you can get the experience for a limited time. After all, there are plenty of Costa Rican tree house hotels you can stay at for just a vacation.

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