Extremely rare crossbreed born at Mexico zoo

Extremely Rare 'Zonkey' Born At Mexico Zoo

Zoinks! Or should we say 'zonks.'

An extremely rare zonkey, a cross between a zebra and a donkey, has been born at a Mexico zoo, ABCreports.

The zoo says little Khumba is a rare case in the animal world because the zebra and the donkey chromosome are not known to be compatible.

So, how did this little zonkey come to be? Fox News reports he was born April 21st, and NBC has more on what's really kind of a love story.

"Turns out the father, a donkey named Ignacio, visits, if you know what I mean, the mother zebra almost daily at the zoo."

Although he is quite rare, there have been a few other instances of zonkeys. The Telegraph reported on one born at a zoo in China a few years ago.

And last year a zonkey born in Italy made international headlines - he's believed to be the Italy's only zonkey. He's become such an attraction that there's talk of a Disney cartoon based on him.

Hopefully, little Khumba will shoot to stardom, too!

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