Couple remakes popular song to announce pregnancy

WATCH: Couple Remakes Taylor Swift Song To Announce Pregnancy

A couple in Virginia was already singing the tune of "we are never ever, ever having another baby" - and now they're going with yet another version of Taylor Swift's hit song. Check it out.
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Couple remakes popular song to announce pregnancy

'You're shocked, so are your friends, so are our friends, so are we. But we are having, having, having another baby.'

And the morning shows ate it up. Willie Geist of the "Today" show couldn't help but compare the couple with his fellow anchor Natalie Morales.

'Natalie, they're a lot like you. They can't carry a tune? Yeah. And they don't let that stand in the way of just going for it, they just go for it.'

Geist was nicer than others, though. We're talking to you, Dan Harris.

'A great case for autotune.' laughs 'Sorry. It just came out. It came out and sometimes I go off the teleprompter and I get in trouble.'

But the "Good Morning America" crew wouldn't let him get away with his snarky comment that easily. The cast joked he should send flowers and babysitting services.

The couple behind the video gone viral are Nate and Erica Eaton of Richmond, Virginia. They already have a 10-month-old daughter named Emerson.

Nate is actually a reporter for Richmond's ABC station WRIC. He shared the video with his Facebook fans Monday saying:

'My wife and I have some BIG NEWS to share with all of you!'

Erica also tweeted at Taylor Swift the following day saying, 'Thanks for helping us announce our new addition! Sorry about our awful singing!'

The couple has since received hundreds of congratulatory messages. Baby number two is due October 19.

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