Phillip Phillips response to prom-posal

Phillip Phillips Responds To Teen's Prom Proposal

One 16-year-old got pretty creative when she asked her celebrity crush to be her date for her high school prom.

"Because I wanna go With you,
with you Baby I'm not moving on
Unless you take me to my prom
With you, with you."

Carly Meyers rewrote the lyrics to Phillip Phillip's hit "Gone, Gone, Gone" to ask the American Idol winner to her prom, prom, prom.

Meyers' video caught TV host Michael Strahan's eye and he invited her to appear live on "Good Morning America" Thursday, saying he had a special guest who wanted to speak to her.

"What's up, Carly? Good Morning America sent me your incredible prom proposal and it sounded so lovely. But sadly I won't be able to make it. So instead I want to give you and your friends some tickets to my show."

Did you see Meyers freaking out in that video? She was totally shocked! Tickets for Phillips' upcoming tour don't sound like a bad consolation prize.

He told Meyers he would see her at his July 12th show, where she would tell him about everything he missed at her prom.

And it doesn't sound like Meyers had a hard time finding another date for prom, which is just a few weeks away. Last week she tweeted that a fellow student had already asked her.

Lucky lady -- she gets a date to prom and STILL gets to meet Phillips. She probably owes Michael Strahan a big thank you.

Phillip Phillips
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Phillip Phillips response to prom-posal
HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 6: Host Ryan Seacrest (L) and singer Phillip Phillips onstage at FOX's 'American Idol XIII' Top 12 to 11 Live Elimination Show on March 6, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)
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