Miracle! 2-year-old autistic boy survives fall from 3rd story window

NYC Toddler Survives Fall From Third Floor Window
NYC Toddler Survives Fall From Third Floor Window

A 2-year-old boy is alive after falling from a third-floor window at his family's Manhattan apartment early Wednesday morning.

WABC reports a metal trash bin might have saved the toddler - it was directly under the window that he fell from. The trash bin reportedly broke his fall before he ended up hitting the sidewalk.

According to the New York Daily News, the 2-year-old's name is Jayvin Cruz. A witness told the outlet what he heard when Jayvin fell: "I heard a bang. At first I thought it was a car accident ... The baby was lying on the sidewalk crying, but I couldn't see any blood."

Authorities say the boy only suffered minor injuries in the fall. He was taken to the hospital after the early-morning fall with a few bumps and bruises.

KDKA reports the Consumer Product Safety Commission calls children falling from windows one of the top five home hazards. The station notes four young children in late March and early April fell out of upper floor windows in the Pittsburgh area alone.

The agency points out some of the best ways to prevent young children from falling out of windows include moving furniture away from the windows and installing guards or stops. Guards block the windows completely while stops only allow windows to open a couple inches.

The family of the boy who fell in New York said every window in the apartment had a guard except for the one the boy fell from. Police say no charges are expected to be filed.