Man gets TV-inspired tattoo on 'America's Worst Tattoo'

'America's Worst Tattoos': Fav TV Show Turned Into Terrible Tat
'America's Worst Tattoos': Fav TV Show Turned Into Terrible Tat

On "America's Worst Tattoos," a man named David had lost a bet with his friends over the "Sopranos" series finale -- which led David to getting a nightmare tattoo.

Being a huge "Sopranos" fan, David bet that the entire Sopranos family would get killed off in the series finale. If nothing happened to the family, he would get a tattoo. Of course, the family lived, and David had to get a tat of the whole "Sopranos" clan on his back. And it turned out terribly.

The tattoo artist called the tattoo of four botched portraits hideous -- saying there was no redeeming quality about it and that it looked like a gangster Mount Rushmore. So they decided to cover it up with Celtic artwork to honor David's Irish roots.

Fans on Twitter were cracking up at the awful tattoo -- one fan saying,...

"Wow! These people don't mess around when they say they have 'America's worst tattoo'"

Of course 'The Sopranos' series finale is infamous because it left the viewers wondering what exactly happened to the family...

And now we know. They wound up on David.