Inside Nick Lachey's new career and his life at home

Nick Lachey Opens Up About Family and His New Career

It's been about fifteen years since Nick Lachey crooned his way to fame with 90s boy band 98 Degrees. But these days the man who could sing the phone book and sound good is combining his music with his new talk show "Big Morning Buzz Live" on VH1.

Lachey sat down with's Carey Reilly and revealed that although he's launched into the world of talk, music is never far behind. "Singers sing all the time," said Lachey. "We don't realize we're singing all the time, we just sing. It just happens." Luckily, the 40-year-old who frequently guest hosted on "Live with Regis and Kelly" gets to use his perfect pipes in his new profession. "It's the cool part about it for me. As a singer, to be on VH1 which is clearly a music network and to be able to still do what I love to do which is to sing and perform. I had a chance to sing with John Oates who I grew up listening to. Those moments are cool. For me that kind of brings it around full circle. It still lets me be who I've been for so long which is a singer and a performer but also bring that in to a new chapter in my career which is hosting the show."

Lachey isn't lying when he says "singers sing all the time." He tells us that he sings to his 19-month-old son, Camden, every night. "Every night when I put him to sleep I sing a song that I wrote for him. I sing it to him and he kind of knows when he hears that, alright it's time to shut it down." But does his wife, Vanessa Minnillo, also belt out the tunes at home? "She does sing. She loves music. It's frustrating to her because she loves to sing so much but she doesn't have a great pitch. But she's a great singer, if that makes any sense."

Though it would seem that 98 Degrees is an inseparable part of Lachey's life, he revealed one thing that he parted with that fans might be surprised by - his 98 Degrees sunshine shoulder tattoo. "The tattoo where it used to be - it used to say 98 Degrees in the middle of it and then I actually colored it in. It was just time to color it in. I colored it in actually while we were still a group, still touring. It wasn't like I was saying, 'Oh, that chapter's done. Time to move on.' It was a very cool bonding thing to do at the time. We were all starting out and didn't know if we were going to make it or not. 'This is a really cool kind of a moment.'' A bonding of four bandmates although it was only Nick and bandmate Jeff Timmons who got the tattoo. Lachey laughed and said, " We're all in this together. So only two of us got tattoos."

Check out Nick Lachey on his music infused talk show "Big Morning Buzz Live" every morning at 10am on VH1
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