Chicago named funniest city in America

Chicago Named Funniest City in America

Looking for a good laugh? Go to Chicago. According to a study out of the University of Colorado Boulder, it's the funniest city in America.

Several factors were considered in determining which city was the humor capital of the US.

Among them were the number of comedy clubs per square mile, how highly traveling comedians regarded the location, and how many famous jokesters hailed from it.

Internet activity like searches for funny stuff and comedic tweets also played a role.

Researchers mixed all of that information with an algorithm, and what came out was a nationwide ranking of who's laughing ... and who isn't.

After ranking the 50 cities surveyed, about 900 people were interviewed in the top 10 cities to get a sense of how much of a place humor has in residents' day-to-day lives.

While Chicago came in first, the other best places to go yuk it up were found to be Boston, Atlanta, Washington, DC, and Portland, Oregon.

New York and Lost Angeles were ranked 6th and 7th, respectively.

On the other end of the spectrum, don't expect to crack much of a smile in Fort Worth, Texas. The city came in at number 50 of the 50 studied.
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