Moose charges at snowmobilers in Maine

Moose Charges At Snowmobilers In Maine

A moose gave snowmobilers quite the scare in Jackman, Maine. The moose eventually ran off, but it left a permanent impression on the couple.
Snowmobiler has encounter with moose
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Moose charges at snowmobilers in Maine

According to the Bangor Daily News, Janis and Bob Powell, who are from New Hampshire, were doing what they love most when a moose joined them on the trail. The Powells say that happens often -- but this interaction was clearly not like the others.

ABC says, "The only thing I could think of was what I had to put between myself and the moose, and unfortunately that was just the snowmobile."

"Janis fires a warning shot. I knew what size gun I had, and I knew that I might make it even more angry." Fortunately, the moose eventually retreated, and Bob Powell escaped with only a few scrapes.

The Powells then alerted the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife about the incident.

Although that moose seemed angry, the Jackman Maine Chamber of Commerce says moose are not normally aggressive. But the 1,000-pound animals have been known to become increasingly aggressive when hungry, tired or harassed by people, dogs and traffic.

The Powells say they think the moose was sick, but regardless, they'll keep a greater distance next time they encounter a moose.
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