Red Fox Gives White House Problems, Eludes Secret Service

Red Fox Gives White House Problems, Eludes Secret Service

The White House has been having difficulties with fox yet again, but it might not be quite what you expect.

According to ABC, 'An unwelcome guest is at the White House and the Secret Service cannot catch him. A red fox has sneaked onto the white house grounds and taken up residence.'

That's right, a little red fox has been eluding even the agents who are hired to protect the president.

The Wall Street Journal published a story about the fox that said: 'Unlike most people who pass through the presidential residence, he wasn't invited. ... Now he rests and plays uninhibited at the seat of power. He also has pointy ears and a bushy tail.'

The fox was first spotted on the White House grounds during the government shutdown in October.The Wall Street Journal says it took advantage of the White House groundskeepers' absence while they were away on furlough, giving the fox free reign to establish his territory. But like most unwanted guests, the fox hasn't been particularly polite.

'The fox has been more destructive than your average White House guest. He tore through the First Lady's garden when it was left unattended through the shutdown, and since then he's been tripping off alarms in the middle of the night and generally doing as he pleases.'

And you can't mention a fox without bringing up that song we can't get out of our heads.
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