Mother finds Xanax in preschooler's Easter egg

Mich. Mother Finds Xanax In Preschooler's Easter Egg

Police in Michigan are investigating how a preschooler ended up bringing home a plastic Easter egg containing a generic Xanax pill, WXYZ reports.

Police say a 4-year-old girl obtained the egg when she attended an Easter egg hunt at an elementary school Wednesday. According to WJBK, her mother reportedly found the medication when she opened the eggs at home.

The medication is generally used to treat anxiety and panic disorders in adults, and police say it could have harmed the unsuspecting young child, who thankfully didn't eat it. Other parents have expressed their concerns.

WXYZ spoke to one parent who said, "It is scary that that's going around an elementary school, for sure."

The school's superintendent tells The Macomb Daily each child was instructed to bring in candy-filled eggs and then tape the eggs shut.

It's currently unclear how the pill got inside the egg, but WXYZ reports parents and volunteers donated the eggs for the class event. Police are trying to determine whether the pill was put in the egg at school or outside of school before the event.

Police Chief Donald Glandon tells WWJ-TV he thinks the incident was "intentional and criminal," but it's still too early to identify a possible suspect.

Police say no other parents reported finding anything unusual in their eggs.

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