Marlon Wayans on Nick Cannon's "white face" stunt and life after death

Marlon Wayans on the Paranormal and Freeloaders

Marlon Wayans makes the paranormal, hilarious. He and his famous Wayans family siblings brought us films like "Scary Movie" and "A Haunted House" spoofing some of Hollywood's most famous horror flicks. Now he returns with what will probably be another cult classic "A Haunted House 2".

The funny man tells's Brian Balthazar that as much fun as he had filming "A Haunted House 2" the most fun film he's ever worked on is his famed role as an undercover FBI agent in "White Chicks". "The reason why I say 'White Chicks' is because we worked so hard on 'White Chicks'. Me and Shawn [Wayans] was in make-up seven hours and we worked 14 hour days everyday." Though it was one of his favorite roles, he said being a 'white chick' didn't do justice to his brother's looks. "I was disturbed at how ugly of a white woman my brother Shawn was. Such a handsome black man but, damn, he was... oh God."

When asked about the controversy surrounding Nick Cannon's recent promotional stunt on Instagram dressing up as a white man for his new album "White People Party Music" Marlon told us that there's a time and a place to be critical when it comes to creativity. "I think people like to uproar over nothing. Some people got mad at us when we did 'White Chicks' but you know when we did 'White Chicks' you know who loved the movie most? White chicks. There's always going to be some hater going 'oh I don't like this, I don't like that.' Do you. When Robert Downey, Jr. damn near won an Academy award for playing a black dude, nobody got mad like 'Oh you was in black face.' I think creatively you've got to give people the creative space to make decisions. As long as it's not done in an offensive manner, I think it's fine."

When he's not making hysterical films, Wayans is known for staying close to his 1.5 million Twitter followers and his half million followers on Instagram. Of his fans Wayans says social allows him to show his appreciation to his fans. "I love them. I wish I could tell them all that. Sometimes I know they don't think I love 'em." While Wayans says he enjoys spreading the love, he equally fires back at his haters. "If they say something rude, then I gotta say something rude back. I'm not one of those guys that's like 'oh, that's cool.' It's like 'Your movie sucks!' Your life sucks! Am I wrong for that?"

Through Wayans' horror spoofs it would seem he has a true connection to the paranomral, he says he doesn't really believe in ghosts. But if he had a choice between heaven or hell he jokes that hell might be the better option. "If there's a heaven or a hell, I think hell's going to be a lot more fun than heaven. Think about who's going to be in heaven. A bunch of prudes! Who wants to be there? I want to be down there with the strippers... all kinds of politicians. It's going to be a party down there."

Catch "A Haunted House 2" in theaters right now.

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