Alicia Silverstone anything but "Clueless" about being a kind mama

Alicia Silverstone's

Believe it or not, it's been nearly 20 years since Alicia Silverstone starred in the cult classic "Clueless" as the stylish and sweet Cher who knew everything about being rich but couldn't bake cookies if she dared (which she did and badly).

Today, Silverstone is proving that in real life she knows almost too much about food and wellness and she's got two books to prove it, one of which is her newest effort called "The Kind Mama." Alicia's eco-friendly, plant-based vegan diet plan proved to be a hit when she released the New York Times best-seller "The Kind Diet" back in 2011. Silverstone tells AOL Parenting Expert, Dr. Karen Latimer, that a lot has changed since that first book because she gave birth to son, Bear Blu. She says it was that moment that sparked a whole new journey for her "kind" diet.

"I wrote 'The Kind Mama' because I saw some women in my life having these extraordinary, beautiful, blissful experiences with pregnancy and birth and motherhood and it was really inspiring to me. That was in stark contrast to what we've all learned to accept is normal. Women having a terrible time with fertility and pregnancies filled with ailments and less than desirable deliveries and the list goes on. I saw that there was another way. A more enjoyable lovely way."

Silverstone says she dove head first in to researching how this vegan diet could actually make pregnancy "fantastic." "It's the same principles," said Silverstone. "It's just this is all for women who are pregnant. You want to be your healthiest, strongest self and you do that through nourishing your body through the right foods and that boosts your fertility."

To those who are skeptical of her advice, the mother of near 3 year old Bear Blu, says mothers can follow it or simply take a look as another option. "I'm very secure in the choices I make. I'm a responsible, loving... I love my kid to the end of the earth so I will only do what is the healthiest choice. So when I make a choice it's so informed or it's completely instinctual and I trust my instincts and that's what I want mamas to do... These are things that have been going on forever it's just not necessarily in our awareness and that's why I want to bring it to women just to know about. They don't need to do it. Just to know about."

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