Girl cries when the police help a boy ask her to prom

Girl Cries When Boy Asks Her To Prom With Help From The Police

It must be 'go big or go home', because teens this year are coming up with the craziest ways to ask their date to the prom. And Johnny Morales out of Houston is no exception. HLN reports:

Johnny's in the passenger seat of his car, Andrea's behind the wheel next to him, panicking and crying at the sight of two La Porte police officers who secretly agreed to stage this traffic stop to help Johnny get his date.'

That's right, KTRK says Andrea Rojas was reduced to tears -- maybe not the best start to a prom proposal.

'I didn't have my license, it wasn't my car. He told me I was speeding,' Andrea explains.

After being asked to exit the car, Andrea, still with tears in her eyes, finds a trunk full of balloons and a sign asking her out to the prom.

The two officers involved told KTRK that they had a hard time keeping a stern demeanor while reprimanding Andrea for speeding. But the whole ruse was clearly worth it when Andrea agreed to go to the prom with Johnny.

And the anchors from KMPH's morning show sum up our feelings perfectly:

'He's lucky he got a yes.'
'Yeah, wow.'
'She was a little upset.'

But Andrea says she's already got something up her sleeve to get back at Johnny. Good for you, girl.
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