Applicants vying for 'world's toughest job' get heartwarming surprise

Applicants Vying for 'World's Toughest Job' Get Heartwarming Surprise
Applicants Vying for 'World's Toughest Job' Get Heartwarming Surprise

Job applicants vie for the 'world's toughest job' in a prank video where the surprise ending will warm your heart.

Cardstore posted a real job listing online for a "Director of Operations" position. The requirements for the position called for candidates to constantly be on their feet, constantly bend over, constantly exert yourself, exert a high level of stamina, with unlimited hours per week and no breaks.

The interviewer explained that it was really "so much more" than a typical gig. The job requires that someone must work "standing up, constantly on your feet, constantly bending over. Constantly exerting yourself. A high level of stamina." People could barely speak when he was done describing the "unlimited" hours a week -- "basically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no breaks available."

One applicant wondered if that was even legal, and he explained that you could "have lunch, but only when the associate is done eating their lunch." At this point, people decided that he was entirely crazy, and it was obvious that they were just waiting to log off. "That's almost cruel!," one woman said. "That's insane!" That's inhumane!"

People were told that if they "had a life, we'd ask you to give that life up. No vacations. In fact, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and holidays the work load is going to go up and we demand that -- with a happy disposition. No time to sleep."

Oh, and the salary? The position pays absolutely nothing.

Then, the interviewer explained that billions of people hold the position already: moms. At this point, people realized they'd been pranked ... but nobody seemed angry. In fact, one woman began to cry as she thought about the amazing work her own mom does.

Mom, if you're reading this -- thank you!

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